Anyons in quantum Hall interferometry

The quantum Hall effect is a unique playground to exploit quantum coherence of electrons for various applications, from metrology to quantum computation. A Review article by Cnr NANO researchers gives a sur­vey of the main results achieved in Quantum Hall interferometry

Nanotechnologies and AI for precision oenology

The “VIOLoC” project has been launched, it aims to optimize wine production processes by exploiting micro and nano-technologies and artificial intelligence, thanks to UniPisa, UniTuscia and Cnr Nano

RAITH Micrograph Award 2021

Congratulations to Sedighe Salimian and Isha Verma for their honorable mentions at the RAITH Micrograph Award 2021 – Special Edition, one of the most important award in the world on e-beam lithography.

Hyperbolic Metamaterials on the cover

Cnr Nano researchers explored a large class of layered materials with highly anisotropic optical activity, and identified a number that may foster previously unexplored optical/mechanical applications.

Diradicals evaporation on the cover

It is possible to evaporate diradicals in a controlled environment without degradation! Arrigo Calzolari latest reserach article published on the cover of Chemistry of materials journal.