Revealing hidden structures in layered materials using light

Cnr Nano research team has harnessed luminescence spectroscopy techniques to distinguish atomic-scale differences within layered materials. Published in Physical Review Letters, this study bears promising implications in materials design

Nano Colloquia 2023 – the second semester series is out!

The Nano Colloquia seminars feature two talks every month by Cnr Nano researchers presenting latest research achievements and discussing new perspectives within our community. Be ready to explore the institute’s most advanced research.

Cnr Nano unveils first homegrown quantum cascade laser

Leveraging cutting-edge equipment and their specialized expertise, Cnr Nano researchers have successfully unveiled their inaugural domestically-produced quantum cascade laser. This achievement places them at the forefront of laser innovation, showcasing notable technological edge.

Stepping up with Josephson junctions

Cnr Nano researchers observed half-integer Shapiro steps in highly transmissive InSb nanoflag Josephson junctions. This intriguing finding suggests the presence of new and unexplored phenomena within such devices.

Towards an ultrashort-pulse laser in the Terahertz domain

CnrNano scientists engineered a quantum cascade laser that emits ultra-short pulses of far infrared radiation generated through the so-called passive mode-locking. Such lasers could probe ultrafast dynamics and phenomena across the physical, chemical and biological sciences.

Extending Density-Functionals to excited states

A successful strategy for modeling ground states of many-electron systems has now been extended to excited states. The study by Griffith University, Vrije Universiteit and Cnr Nano is featured as Physical Review Letters Editor’s suggestion.

Lindsay Bassman awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

American researcher Lindsay Bassman, currently working at Cnr Nano, received the Science, She Says! Award for her contribution to improving scientific knowledge and collaboration with Italy. At Cnr Nano she is carring out research into quantum thermodynamics using quantum algorithms with Michele Campisi.