Improving the therapeutic pipeline in Angelman syndrome

A new research project led by Ilaria Tonazzini of Cnr-Nano has been funded by the Angelman Syndrome Alliance. It will develop a less invasive method to deliver Angelman syndrome therapy and assess non-invasive imaging methods.

Stimulating curiosity at school

The spring series of seminars held by Cnr Nano researchers to engage students at all levels to the wonders of nanoscience ended successfully.

Molecular motors touch down

A combined STM and DFT study reveals that upon deposition on a metal surface the energetics of motor molecules conformations are modified. Results are published and pictured on the cover of The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

Touch on a Chip: a new PRIN project kicks off

The research project led by SISSA in collaboration with Cnr Iom, Cnr Nano and University of Firenze will investigate touch in physiological conditions through the development of a new stimulation device. The kick-off meeting took place last week.

The first superconducting spintronic tunnel diode

A research collaboration led by Cnr Nano scientists demonstrated how a heterostructure consisting of superconductors and a thin ferromagnetic insulator can be used to create uni-directional current

A thermal superconducting quantum transistor

Cnr Nano researchers demonstrate the practical possibility of phase coherent manipulation of energy transport in quantum devices opening the way to the development of thermal counterpart of electronic devices

Growing high-quality graphene in three dimensions

Cnr Nano researchers conceived a novel approach for the realization of high-quality graphene with a 3D structure. This novel and versatile material opens up the possibility for a large number of applications in nano-electronics, sensors, and energy related fields


Cnr Nano supports the International Day of Women and Girls in Science marking the essential role that women and girls play in science and technology.

Cryptographic Magic Windows

Pictured on the cover of Advanced Material Technologies: the research by Andrea Camposeo and colleagues on stretchable and 3D printed cryptographic magic windows capable of generating complex patterns, including micro-QR-codes, by refraction of light in the visible range.

Using smartphones to collect noise pollution data

A smartphone-based participatory experiment designed by Cnr Nano researcher in collaboration with a team of colleagues, measured and evaluated the impact of environmental noise in residential areas. The results are published on PlosOne.

Hunting for excitonic insulators

Cnr Nano researchers report evidence compatible with the long sought excitonic insulator in a monolayer two-dimensional material, WTe2. Their result, just published in Nature Physics, has been cited in a News and Views article focusing on topological excitons.

Ready for a new series of Nano Colloquia!

The 2022 first semester series of our Nano Colloquia is now planned. 13 lectures by our young researchers established to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas.