Women in science

Despite the progress towards achieving gender balance over the last few decades, women are still under-represented in scientific research. Cnr Nano acknowledges the critical role women and girls play in science and technology, and  is committed to promote full and equal access to and participation in science for women.


On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2023, our institute celebrated the talent and contribution of its excellent female researchers by joining the social media campaign #womenatCNR


The initiative was inaugurated on Feb. 11, 2022 by the Cnr-Scitec institute, in 2023 it was taken up by Cnr Nano and many other Cnr institutes, garnering a total of 300 women who participated enthusiastically with a snapshot in the lab and a short caption telling their interests and what they love about their job. The #womenatCNR were therefore the protagonists throughout 2023 of a social campaign aimed at enhancing the female community working at Cnr animated by enthusiasm, passion and curiosity.


The faces and stories of Cnr NANO’s female protagonists are gathered here to highlight the wealth of expertise, enthusiasm and commitment of female scientists dedicated to nanoscience research

Lucia Sorba

#Meet Lucia Sorba! She is acting director of Istituto Nanoscienze - @Cnr_Nano. She uses epitaxial growth techniques to realise low dimensional semiconductor nanostructures, which are key materials for quantum technology.

Valentina Zannier

Meet Valentina Zannier! @valezannier86 is a researcher @Cnr_Nano Pisa. She studies the growth of semiconductor nanowires and nanostructures by Chemical Beam Epitaxy, for applications in photonics, electronics and solid-state quantum devices.

Rosa Di Felice

#Meet Rosa DiFelice! Rosa is a research director @Cnr_Nano and professor @USC. She uses classical and quantum computers to determine the properties of inorganic, organic and biological matter by numerically solving the laws of physics.

Giorgia Brancolini

#Meet Giorgia Brancolini! @gbrancol is a Senior Researcher at @Cnr_Nano. Protein and tea lover, she combines computational modelling and deep learning algorithms to design engineered nanoparticles and surfaces for biosensors (e.g. for Covid-19) and biomedical applications. #AI4Health #biosensors


Meet Chiara De Cesari! @Chiara_DeCe is a biotechnologist at Cnr Nano, Pisa. She is working on the identification of molecular biomarkers for AngelmanSyndrome using small extracellular vesicles called exosomes.


Meet Antonella Battisti! Antonella is a chemist and researcher at Cnr Nano, Pisa. She’s fascinated by nature and tries to exploit natural mechanisms to produce innovative biomaterials for biomedical applications and to develop novel sensing platforms.


Meet Claudia Cardoso! @Claudia81668079 is a theoretical physicist working as a researcher at Cnr Nano in Modena. She uses high performance computer simulations to predict the electronic and optical properties of innovative materials, such as bidimensional ones.


Meet Antonella Sgarbossa! @AntoSgarb is a biophysicist fascinated by molecules of biomedical interest. She uses #fluorescence techniques to study neurotoxic peptides and antimicrobial properties of photosensitizing molecules.


Meet Paola Luches! @LuchesPaola is a senior researcher at Cnr Nano in Modena. She develops nanostructured materials for efficient solar energy conversion and test them at advanced laser facilities, such as free electron lasers.


Meet Ilaria Tonazzini! @ilat79 is a senior research scientist at Cnr Nano in Pisa. She is a biochemist by formation and her research focuses on the development of nanostructured biomaterials to study and cure the nervous system.


Meet Miriam Serena Vitiello! She is Director of Reserach at Cnr Nano in Pisa. She leads the Terahertz nano-photonics group, pioneering the development of quantum laser sources, 2Dmaterial nanodetectors and near-field microscopy.


Meet Elisa Riccardi! She is a technologist at Cnr Nano in Pisa with expertise in micro- and nano-device design, fabrication and characterisation. Her present activity focus on far infrared quantum cascade laser sources and detectors.