Research at Cnr Nano in Pisa and Modena emphasizes experimental analysis at multiple levels of materials and devices, as well as theoretical modelling and computation to understand and predict phenomena at the nanoscale. Our research includes the synthesis and the fabrication of nanostructures and nanodevices, the experimental and computational-theoretical study of their properties and functionality, and of their interfaces, as well as their integration in complex functional systems.

Cnr Nano research is driven by many independent interdisciplinary groups of research scientists, who work on a wide range of nanoscience topics. We categorise these groups into five main research areas under which the researchers, fellows, postdocs, and students aggregate to consolidate their expertise and to significantly increase our scientific impact. Cnr Nano research areas and related innovation are suitable for the three pillars of Horizon Europe as well as for other EU strategic actions, such as EuroHPC; they also match the national key areas for research and innovation, with particular reference to Energy, Quantum Science and Technologies, Sustainable Mobility, Health, and High Performance Computing. Discover more on our research areas, the relevant active projects, and Principal Investigators who lead research teams in the field.