Affiliation to Cnr

Affiliation templates

According to Cnr rules, researchers from other Institutions can ask for affiliation appointment to Cnr according to the Affiliation policy document (Disciplinare Cnr
provvedimento della Presidente nr. 005/2024 Prot. nr 15786 del 18/01/2024 integrato con delibera
del Consiglio di Amministrazione n. 94/2024 del 19 marzo 2024 [download]

Applicants need to send to the following signed documents (downloadable from links):

      1. Application form (see below)

      2. Privacy form (for new applicants) [Privacy form docx] [PDF]

      3. Updated CV



a) Research affiliation (implies a strong commitment of the researchers – that must hold a permanent position in their institution – and makes them equal to Cnr staff. It must be discussed with the Institute Director in advance)

[Template for application.docx] [PDF]

b) Collaboration affiliation  (for permanent and temporary researchers)

[Template for application.docx]  [PDF]

c) Senior collaboration affiliation (for retired researchers)

[Template for application.docx] [Template for application.pdf]


guidelines annex 2 and annex 3 (pdf) (docx)


IMPO: Living Agreements (Convenzioni) between Cnr and other Institutions are listed here:

– Framework agreement between CNR and Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia: signed on 06/12/2018, in force until 05/12/2023.

– Framework agreement between CNR and Scuola Normale Superiore: signed on 14/01/2014, in force until 13/01/2024.

– Framework agreement between CNR and Università degli Studi di Pisasigned on 14/01/2014, in force until 13/01/2024.

Allow 14 days from your submission to the issue of affiliation apponitment.

Last update: October 30, 2023