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NEST, the National Enterprise for nanoScience and nanotechnology, is an interdisciplinary research center where physicists, chemists, and biologists carry out scientific studies on the nanoscale. This knowledge is employed for developing innovative instruments in the field of the nanobioscience, and for nanoelectronic and photonic devices and their architectures. 
The NEST laboratory has a strong experience in the study of the transport and optical properties of semiconductor heterostructures, hydrid systems, and graphene. State of the art facilities for growth and fabrication of nano-devices are available at NEST.
Advanced microscopy and spectroscopy with nanoscale resolution are employed for single molecule and live brain imaging.
The NEST laboratory includes three different institutions: Scuola Normale Superiore, Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), and the Institute of Nanoscience of the National Research Council.
The activities at NEST are grouped in three main research lines plus three activities common to more than one research line.


Low dimensional Physics

  1.  Mesoscopic Superconductivity

  2.  Nanowire Growth

  3.  Single-electron Devices

  4.  Quantum Hall Systems

  5.  Refrigeration and Thermometry at the Mesoscale

  6.  Coherent Caloritronics

  7.  Nanoscale Thermoelectrics



  8.   Hybrid Systems

  9.  Artificial Graphene

10. Graphene for Hydrogen Storage

11. Graphene Photodetectors



12. Polaritonics

13. Silicon-Germanium optoeletronics

14. THz Quantum Cascade Lasers

15. THz Nanodetectors

16. THz Optomechanics

17. Optoelectronics Materials from Nanoscale to Bulk Single Crystals

18. Organic crystal for optoelectronics



19. Molecular Model of Visualizing Genetic Disease

20. Visualizing Brain Function and Structure in the Living Mouse

21. Microfluidics

22. Cell Mechanotrasduction

23. Intracellular Nanobiophysics


Theory and Simulations

24. Multi-scale Modeling of Bio-Molecules and Graphene

25. Molecular models of Fluorescent Proteins and Intracellular Delivery systems

26. Quantum Information

27. Quantum Transport and Phase Coherent Effects in Superconductors

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