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Francesco Vischi

PhD Student

tel. +39 050 509509

francesco.vischinano.cnr .it

Research interests

Thermal and electronic transport in superconducting systems
Superconducting hybrid systems
Quantum transport in nanostructures
Coherent effects in strongly correlated systems
Superconducting electronics

Biographical sketch

My choices in studies and research have been driven by my interest in solid state physics, electronics and applications to computing.
During the Master degree I've learned about the intense research in superconducting electronics for both high-performant classical computing and quantum computing.
For this reason, I joined Francesco Giazotto's group at NEST lab in Pisa, where I developed my Master thesis about transport properties in a three-terminal Josephson interferometer.
After the graduation, I stayed in Giazotto's group for the PhD degree, focusing on thermal properties of hybrid superconductor/normal metal systems and Josephson Junction.

Selected publications

F. Vischi, Matteo Carrega, Pauli Virtanen, Elia Strambini, Alessandro Braggio, Francesco Giazotto
"Coherent Josephson thermodynamic cycles"

P. Virtanen, F. Vischi, E. Strambini, M. Carrega, and F. Giazotto
"Quasiparticle entropy in superconductor/normal metal/superconductor proximity junctions in the diffusive limit"
Phys. Rev. B 96, 245311 (2017)

F. Vischi, M. Carrega, E. Strambini, S. D'Ambrosio, F. S. Bergeret, Yu. V. Nazarov, and F. Giazotto
"Coherent transport properties of a three-terminal hybrid superconducting interferometer"
Phys. Rev. B 95, 054504 (2017)

E. Strambini, S. D'Ambrosio, F. Vischi, F.S. Bergeret, Yu. V. Nazarov, F. Giazotto,
"The omega-SQUIPT as a tool to phase-engineer Josephson topological materials",
Nature Nanotechnology 11, 1055 (2016)

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