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Miriam Serena Vitiello

CNR - Director of Research

tel. +39 050 509791

miriam.vitiellonano.cnr .it


Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche e Tecnologie della Materia,
c/o NEST - CNR Istituto Nanoscienze

Running projects

- ERC Consolidator Grant 2015 – “Sprint” (Sept.2016- Sept.2021)
- H2020-FETOPEN-1-2016-2017-RIA – “MIR-BOSE” (2017-2020)
- H2020-FETOPEN-2014-2015-RIA – “UltraQCL” (2015-2018)
- EU Graphene Core I “Graphene Based Disruptive Technologies” (2016-2018)
- Balzan Research Project (2017-2022) (Harvard University-CNR)
- Bando FAR-FAS 2014 Regione Toscana – DIAST (2016-2018)
- Bando FAR-FAS 2014 Regione Toscana – SCIADRO (2016-2018)
- Bando Industria Sostenibile MISE- Progetto MaXima (2016-2019)
- EU H2020 – ITN – TeraApp (2018-2020)

Research interests

- Terahertz Quantum cascade lasers: design and applications
- Terahertz Nanodetectors
- Graphene and 2D material: nanophotonics and nanoelectronics
- THz near field optics
- Terahertz Metrology
- High resolution spectroscopy and imaging

Biographical sketch

Miriam Serena Vitiello received the Master degree in Physics (cum laude) in 2001 and the PhD Degree in Physics in 2006 from University of Bari.

From 2006 to 2008 she was a Post-Doctoral Research assistant at the University of Bari. From October 2008 to January 2010 she was researcher at CNR-INFM LIT3 in Bari.
Since 2010 she is staff research scientist at the NEST Laboratory – CNR-Nanoscience Institute.
Since 2015 she is Contract Professor of Condensed Matter Physics at Scuola Normale Superiore.

She was visiting scientist for short research stages at the Technical University of Delft (April 2004, December 2004), at the Universität of Munchen (July 2004) and at the University of Paris VII (2006).

Dr. Vitiello coordinates the activities of Terahertz Photonics at CNR-NANO NEST and she is a member of the scientific committee of more than 40 international conferences in the field of photonic devices.

She is co-author of more than 150 refereed papers on international journals, holds 1 patent and delivered more than 70 invited talks at international conferences and more than 30 lectures at International Universities.

She is the recipient of the, Guido Dorso Research prize 2016, the SPIE 2015 Early Career Award, the "Sergio Panizza" award of the Italian Physical Society (2012). For her scientific research Miriam Vitiello has been granted an International Scientific Author Award (USA, 2005) and two National Young Author Award (2004,2005).

Selected publications

- M. A. Huber et al. “Femtosecond photo-switching of interface polaritons in black phosphorus heterostructures”, Nature Nanotechnology 12, 207-2011 (2017)

- L. Viti, et al. “Black-phosphorus Terahertz photodetectors”, Advanced Materials 27, 5567–5572, (2015).

- M.S. Vitiello et al.,"Photonic Quasi-crystal Terahertz Lasers”, Nature Communications 5, 5884 (2014).

- M. Eisele, et al. “Ultrafast multi-terahertz nano-spectroscopy with sub-cycle temporal resolution”, Nature Photonics 8, 841 (2014).

-M. S. Vitiello et al. “Quantum-limited frequency fluctuations in a Terahertz laser” Nature Photon. 6, 525-528 (2012).

-L. Consolino et al. “Phase-locking to a free-space terahertz comb for metrological-grade terahertz lasers” Nature Commun. 3, 1040 (2012).

-L. Vicarelli et al. “Graphene field-effect transistors as room-temperature terahertz detectors”, Nature Materials 11, 865 (2012).

-M. S. Vitiello et al. “Room-Temperature Terahertz Detectors Based on Semiconductor Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors” Nano Lett. 12, 96 (2012).

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