A journey through  

Lecce - 20.02.2013 - A journey through 'infinite worlds'
On February 20, at 18.30 pm in the "Open Space" Room, Palazzo Carafa (entrance from Sant'Oronzo Square), Lecce, the fourth meeting of "La Scienza Spiegata (Science Explained)" will take place. Prof. Massimo Capaccioli (University "Federico II" of Napoli) will talk about "A journey through 'infinite worlds'". "La scienza spiegata" is a series of informal meetings in which people have the chance to talk to scientists about the great scientific themes, in an informal way, as if sitting at a Science café. Scientists do not teach or give a conference, but dialogue with the audience, so that everybody feels at ease and dares to ask and tell. This project has been conceived and developed by Gabriella Zammillo of CnrNano Nnl center, with the collaboration of Liberrima. "A journey through infinite worlds" is realized with the contribution of the Department of Mathematics and Physics - University of Salento.


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