S3 SEMINAR Simone Sprio

Foto: Simone Sprio [courtesy Greenbone Ortho srl]


Modena - 25.09.2018 - S3 SEMINAR Simone Sprio
Date and Time: Tuesday September 25, 2018 - 15.00
Venue: S3 Seminar Room, Third Floor, Physics Building, FIM Department

Speaker: Simone Sprio

Title: Biomimetic materials and technologies to develop bioactive scaffolds for muskuloskeletal tissues regeneration

Abstract: cientific research in material science is increasingly devoted to new biomaterials for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration, pushed by the increasing need to restore the life quality in an increasing number of patients worldwide. Bone is an extremely complex mineralized tissue, with different morphology and structure in respect to specific anatomical sites, and its regeneration requires the use of 3-D scaffolds able to exchange chemical and topological signals with cells and to induce and promote adhesion, proliferation and differentiation, in turn leading to new bone ingrowth and remodeling. Particularly, fast osteointegration and compliance with the bone biomechanics are relevant features for regeneration of large, load-bearing bone defects. In this respect, biomaterials showing substantial mimicry with the chemical composition, multi-scale structure and mechanical performance of natural bone are demonstrating to be the elective choice, thanks to the ability to take part of the natural bone metabolism and promote new bone formation. The talk will present the most recent advances in the field of bone-mimetic materials development. Particularly, ion-doped calcium phosphates, considered as the most relevant driver of bone regeneration, can be obtained in a wide range of devices, from nanoparticles to 3-D porous ceramics and self-hardening cements. Besides, bio-inspired mineralization process can be applied to obtain the heterogeneous nucleation of bioactive mineral phases onto assembling collagen, thus forming multifunctional hybrid scaffolds showing great ability in the regeneration of bone and osteochondral tissues. Finally, biomorphic transformation process is a new concept for ceramic fabrication, to generate 3-D scaffolds, uniquely able to recapitulate bone-mimicking chemical, morphological and mechanical features at the same time, which are very promising to drive the regeneration of long segments of load-bearing bones.

Host: Andrea Alessandrini


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