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The Nanoscience Institute is active in the field of fundamental biophysics, i.e. the study of the interactions of biomolecules, of cells and cell systems, and in the field of translational research where we search for the biophysical basis of disease and we strive towards more sensitive diagnostic tools employing methods and technologies encompassed by the paradigm of nanotechnology. In the Institute there is a growing emphasis on the diagnostic and cellular mechanisms of tumor genesis and progression, and to the study of specific brain diseases (epilepsy, disease of the autistic spectra and lysosomal storage disorders). Our activities can be summarized in the following main lines of research:


A)     Biophysics of membrane and cells.

B)     Rational design of fluorescent reporters and related imaging techniques.

C)     Theranostic: lab on chip devices for personalized medicine and novel therapeutic tools.

D)     Biophysics of brain pathology.

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