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Umberto del Pennino

Full Professor

tel. +39 059 2055275

umberto.delpenninounimore .it

Research interests

Electron Spectroscopy of: Organic/Inorganic interfaces; Magnetic Nano Clusters and Single Molecule Magnets; 2D systems.

Biographical sketch

1970: Degree in Physics at University of Modena. 1982-2000: Associate Professor in Condensed Matter Physics at University of Modena.
2000 to date: Full Professor in Experimental Physics at University of Modena.
Referee for APS, Elsevier Journals and other international Physics Journals.
I mostly carried out experimental researches on the physics of surfaces, interfaces and low-dimensional systems by means of HREELS, HRUPS, XPS, LEED,STM.
Largely investigated the electronic properties of the Silicon and III-V semiconductor surfaces and interfaces.
Recently by means of PES and STM I carried out the study of the interaction of organic molecules (DMDS-, Cysteine, Allylurea, Single Molecular Magnets(SMM)) with the (111) surface of Au, Ag, Si. Investigations “on campus” and at International Synchrotron Radiation Laboratories (ESRF, ELETTRA).
As SMM are formed by metal atom clusters surrounded by an organic cage, with relevant magnetic properties, an important goal is the capability of functionalising such compounds to enable their grafting on the Au surface. Recently investigated Molecule Magnets (Mn12, Mn6, Cr7Ni, Cr2Cu, Double Deckers). The efficiency of the sulphur functionalisation on molecules has been investigated by means of XPS and STM "on campus" and by X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism at ESRF, Grenoble, and SOLEIL (Paris); by ResPES at ELETTRA, Trieste.

Selected publications

A.Cornia, A. C. Fabretti, M. Pacchioni, L. Zobbi, D. Bonacchi, A. Caneschi, D. Gatteschi,
R. Biagi, U. del Pennino, V. De Renzi, L. Gurevich and H. S. J. Van der Zant. Direct Observation of single-molecule Magnets organized on Gold Surfaces. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 42, 1645 (2003)
V. De Renzi, D. Marchetto, R. Biagi, U. del Pennino, R. Di Felice, A. Selloni. Ordered (3x4) High Density Phase of Methylthiolate on Au(111). J. Phys. Chem. B 108, 16 (2004).
V. De Renzi, R. Rousseau, D. Marchetto, R. Biagi, S. Scandolo, and U. del Pennino. Metal Work-Function Changes Induced by Organic Adsorbates: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 046804 (2005).
V. Corradini, F. Moro , R. Biagi, U. del Pennino, V. De Renzi, S. Carretta, P. Santini, M. Affronte, J.C. Cezar, G.A. Timco, and R.E.P. Winpenny. XMCD investigation of spin and orbital moments in Cr8 and Cr7Ni antiferromagnetic rings. Phys.Rev.B 77, 014402 (2008).

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