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Andrea Di Ciolo

CNR Post-Doc

andrea.diciolonano.cnr .it


Research Center S3
Via Campi, 213a
41125 Modena

Research interests

Background in condensed matter theory, with experience mainly in quantum-many body physics, strongly correlated electronic systems, high-temperature superconductors, as cuprates, and frustrated magnetism, in the exploration of collective quantum phenomena and exotic phases, and in the properties of low-dimensional systems.

  Strongly correlated electron systems
  Electrons and phonons
  Frustrated magnetism
  Novel quantum phases

  Hubbard model

  Green's function formalism
  Variational methods (Gutzwiller and Jastrow trial states)
  Operatorial Equations of motion (Composite Operator Method)

  Photoemission and tunneling experiments
  Scattering experiments

Nature of the excitonic insulator and its excitations.

Biographical sketch

Research Positions

Present - CNR-NANO Research Center S3 (Modena, Italy).

                I work primarily with Massimo Rontani, Daniele Varsano, and Elisa Molinari.

Past - Universita' di Salerno (Fisciano, Italy).

        - Georgetown University (Washington D.C., USA).

        - University of Maryland (College Park, MD, USA).

        - Goethe Universität Frankfurt (Frankfurt am Main, HE, Germany).


2009 - Ph.D. in Physics at Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza" (Roma, Italy).
Ph.D. Thesis: Electron-Phonon Interaction and Charge Instabilities in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems.

2005 - Ms. Sc. in Physics with honors at Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza" (Roma, Italy).
Master Thesis: Charge Inhomogeneities as "Paramagnetic Stripes" in the Cuprates.

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