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Cinzia Scorzoni

PhD Student

tel. +39 059 205 5257

cinzia.scorzoniunimore .it

Running projects

Hands-on Physics and nanosciences teaching in high school.
Didactic Projects for high school teachers.
Formal and informal educational practices, including through group learning and peer, inquiry based learning,team based learning, cooperative learning, flipped classroom.

Research interests

Didactical practices.
Hands-on Physics and nanosciences teaching in high school.
Educational projects for high schools teachers: physics, electronics, nanosciences and nanotechnology

Biographical sketch

July 1992 Degree in physics
MIUR teaching qualification in: Electronics (21/02/2000) and Mathematics and Physics (21/02/2001)
4 annual master in didactic (3) and Productive Area Assistant (1)
More than 50 training courses

Since november 2016 PhD student of the Physics and Nano sciences at university of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Since 2000 to 2016 High School Teacher of Electronics in secondary school –Modena:
▪ Teacher of Electronic, Systems and Instrumentation, Technology and design of electrical and electronic systems
▪From 2006 to 2010 in charge of “Didactics and learning method”
▪ From 2004 to 2011 supervisor of course: "European Environmental Health Physics"
Lecturer in 8 teacher training courses
5 Educational Projects for Technical school
From 1992 to 2000 work experiences as a teacher of high school and in companies; logistical planning tasks, work organization and quality assurance

work experience abroad:
July 2018 (5 days conference, the only Italian participant) oral presentation at the conference HSCI 2018 (Barcelona)
May 2001 (2 weeks) Scholarship in Holland- University of Utrecht European project FIORI (Integrated Training and Recovery in the European context)- Leonardo project.

Selected publications

2018 C Scorzoni, G Goldoni, V De Renzi “Friction, Surfaces and Atomic Interactions: Hands-on Approach through Comprehensive Investigation of Gecko-Tape Properties” . Hands-on Science. Advancing Science. Improving Education. Costa MF, Dorrío BV, Fernández-Novell JM (Eds.); Hands-on Science Network, 2018, Page 348-350 - ISBN 978-84-8158-779-1

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