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Ciro Cecconi

Associate Professor

tel. +39 059 2055328



• Publications


FIM Dept.
University of Moena and Reggio Emilia
via Campi 213A
41125 Modena

Research interests

- Single molecule manipulation techniques
- Mechanical properties of tertiary and secondary protein structures
- (Un)folding pathways of individual protein molecules
- Kinetics and thermodynamics of fluctuations between different molecular conformations
- Protein energy landscapes
- Molecular dynamics simulations

Selected publications

- Shank, E., Cecconi, C., Dill, J., Marqusee, S., Bustamante, C., “The folding cooperativity of a protein is controlled by the topology of its polypeptide chain”, Nature 465 (7298), 637-641, (2010).
- Cecconi, C., Shank, E., Bustamante, C., Marqusee, S., “Direct Observation of the Three-State Folding of a Single Protein Molecule.” Science 309, 2057-2060, (2005).

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