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Alessandro Braggio

CNR Researcher

tel. +39 050 508410

alessandro.braggionano.cnr .it


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NEST, Istituto di Nanoscienze CNR-NANO
Piazza San Silestro 12

Running projects

Hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanostructures: nanoelectronic applications, topologi- cal properties, correlation and disorder.
MIUR-FIRB2012 - 200 Keuro

"Coherent heat and energy transport in quantum systems" COHEAT, in quality of scientific mentor
for Career Integration Grant of Dr. P. Solinas

Research interests

Quantum transport in nanostructures
Topological properties in hybrid superconducting nanosystems
Noise and coherent dynamics nanodevices
Holographic methid and AdS/CMD in strongly correlated systems
Real-time diagrammatic technique and non-equilibrium Greens functions
Coherent effects in strongly correlated systems
Edge states transport in Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
Luttinger liquid and one dimensional electron systems
Quantum dissipative systems

Biographical sketch

Degree with merit in Physics at Genoa University 1999 Degree thesis (italian) "
PhD at Genoa University 2003
Postdoc Jul. 2003 to Dec 2003 with Prof. G. Shoen at Institut fur Theoretische Festkoeperphysik- Universitaet Karlsruhe
Postdoc Jan. 2004 to Jul 2004 with Prof. J. Koenig at Theoretische Physik III - Ruhr Universitaet Bochum
Postdoc Aug. 2004 to Nov. 2004 with Prof. Maura Sassetti at Genoa University
TT Researcher (5 yr.) Dec. 2004 to Feb. 2009 at LAMIA-INFM-CNR
Tenured Researcher (Permanent position) since Feb.2009 at LAMIA-INFM-CNR
Visiting professor at Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot, Israel (Nov 2010)
Permanent position at CNR-SPIN
Member of Scientific Committee of CNR-SPIN 15/04/2010-02/2015
Visiting professor at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (Nov 2015)
Permanent position ar CNR-NANO since 30/12/2016

Selected publications

C. Guarcello, A. Braggio, P. Solinas, F. Giazotto
"Non-linear critical current thermal response of an asymmetric Josephson tunnel junction" Phys. Rev. Applied 11 024002 (2019)

G. Blasi, F. Taddei, V. Giovannetti, A. Braggio
"Manipulation of Cooper pair entanglement in hybrid topological Josephson junctions" Phys. Rev. B 99 064514 (2019)

F. Paolucci, G. De Simoni, P. Solinas, E. Strambini, N. Ligato, P. Virtanen, A. Braggio, F. Giazotto "Magnetotransport Experiments on Fully Metallic Superconducting Dayem Bridge Field-Effect Transistors" Phys. Rev. B 99 075429 (2019)

R. Hussein, M. Governale, S. Kohler, W. Belzig, F. Giazotto, A. Braggio "Nonlocal thermoelectricity in a Cooper-pair splitter" Phys. Rev. B 99 075429 (2019)

F. Vischi, M. Carrega, P. Virtanen, E. Strambini, A. Braggio, F. Giazotto "Coherent Josephson thermodynamic cycles" Sci. Rep. 9, 3238 (2019)

C. Guarcello, P. Solinas, A. Braggio, F. Giazotto "Phase-coherent solitonic Josephson heat oscillator", Sci. Rep. 8, 12287 (2018)

P. Virtanen, F. S. Bergeret, E. Strambini, F. Giazotto, A. Braggio
"Majorana bound states in hybrid 2D Josephson junctions with ferromagnetic insulators" Phys. Rev. B 98, 020501(R) (2018)

P. Marra, R. Citro and A. Braggio "Signatures of topological phase transitions in Josephson current-phase discontinuities" Phys. Rev. B 93, 220507(R) (2016)

F. Giazotto, P. Solinas, A. Braggio, F. S. Bergeret "Ferromagnetic-insulator-based superconducting junctions as sensitive electron thermometers" Phys. Rev. Applied 4, 044016 (2015)

M. Carrega, P. Solinas, A. Braggio, M. Sassetti and U. Weiss "Functional Integral approach to time-dependent heat exchange in open quantum systems: general method and applications" New J. Phys. 17 045030 (2015)

S. Gasparinetti, P. Solinas, A. Braggio, S. Sassetti "Heat-exchange statistics in driven open quantum systems" New J. Phys. 16, 115001 (2014)

A. Braggio, D. Ferraro, M. Carrega, N. Magnoli, M. Sassetti "Environmental induced renormalization effects in quantum Hall edge states due to 1/f noise and dissipation" New J. Phys. 14, 093032 (2012)

M. Carrega, D. Ferraro, A. Braggio, N. Magnoli and M. Sassetti "Anomalous charge tunneling at nu= 5/2" Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 146404 (2011)

C. Flindt, T. Novotny, A. Braggio, M. Sassetti and A.-P. Jauho "Counting Statistics of Non-Markovian Quantum Stochastic Processes" Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 150601 (2008)

D. Ferraro, A. Braggio, M. Merlo, N. Magnoli and M. Sassetti "Relevance of multiple-quasiparticle tunneling between edge states at nu =p/(2np+1)" Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 166805 (2008)

A. Braggio, J. Koenig and R. Fazio "Full Counting Statistics in Strongly Interacting Systems: Non-Markovian Effects" Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 026805 (2006)

A. Braggio, M. Sassetti and B. Kramer,
"Control of Spin in Quantum Dots with Non-Fermi-Liquid Correlations", Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 146802 (2001)

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