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Alessandra Di Gaspare

CNR Researcher

tel. +39 050 509124

alessandra.digasparenano.cnr .it

Research interests

THz and Mid-IR devices and applications:
Intersubband Polaritonic Devices;
Graphene hybrid device for THz photonics: waveguides, modulators and metamaterials;
Mid-IR plasmonic devices for biosensing applications.

Biographical sketch

I have joined the THz group at NEST in 2018. At present my experimental research is focused on the development of terahertz photonic structures with advanced experimental nanofabrication and spectroscopic tools. My main research activities are the spectral study of intersubband polaritons in THz quantum wells-based structures, and the realization and study of Graphene-based photonic devices like e.g. waveguides, modulators and metamaterials.

I have received my PhD in Physics at the Università di Roma "Roma Tre" in 2009. During my PhD thesis and early post-doc work, I have participated to several research projects on the development of micro- and nano- devices for the study of two-dimensional electronic systems for:
- quantum transport investigations;
-RF and millimeter wave applications;
-plasma wave effects for THz detection applications.

From 2014 to 2016, I have been Principal Investigator of the national project GARFIELD (Graphene Active FIlms for Electronic Devices and Radiation Detection) at the Laboratori Nazionali Frascati-INFN, a project funded by the Commisiione Nazionale 5 of the INFN. The project goals were the implementation of a platform for the synthesis and the characterization of Graphene within the lab hosting the project, and the realization and study of graphene devices for detection applications of recognized interest to the High Energy Physics (HEP) scientific community.
Before joining the THz group, I have been working at CNR-NANO form 2016 on the development of graphene polyfunctional solid state devices for photonics applications (from THz to mid-IR) and for HEP, in collaboration with INFN (Pisa), Università di Pisa and FBK (Trento).

I have collaborated to several experimental studies focused on the biosensing in the Mid-IR using 2D metamaterials. The developed approach has been included in a proposal recently funded by the Ministero della Salute within the program “Ricerca Finalizzata 2016 – Sezione Giovani Ricercatori”.

Selected publications

- publications:
I have authored 32 publications on international peer-reviewed journals and 25 contributions on conference proceedings.
My up-to-date complete pub list can be found on google scholar:

Selected Publications:

-A Di Gaspare, et al, "Terahertz current oscillations in a gated two-dimensional electron gas with antenna integrated at the channel ends”, Applied Physics Letters 100 (20), 203504 (2012) -O Limaj et al, “Mid-infrared surface plasmon polariton sensors resonant with the vibrational modes of phospholipid layers”, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (37), 19119-19126 (2013)
-P Di Pietro et al, “Observation of Dirac plasmons in a topological insulator”, Nature nanotechnology 8 (8), 556 (2013)
-V Giliberti, “Downconversion of terahertz radiation due to intrinsic hydrodynamic nonlinearity of a two-dimensional electron plasma”, Physical Review B 91 (16), 165313 (2015)
- A Di Gaspare et al, “Graphene-based field effect transistors for radiation-induced field sensing”
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment,Vol. 824C, 392-393 (2016)

- conferences:
about 15 contributions to international conferences and workshops (2 invited presentations)

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