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Jacopo Stefano Pelli Cresi

Post Doc

tel. +39 059 2055269

jacopostefano.pellicresiunimore .it

Research interests

Fundamental understanding of the structural and chemical properties of cerium oxides in the form of ultrathin films and nanostructures for applications in catalysis and energy.
Interaction between metal and oxides nanostructures.
Photosensitization of wide bandgap semiconductor to visible light using plasmonic NPs.
Hot carriers.

Selected publications

[1] Stavrinadis, A., Pelli Cresi, J. S., d’Acapito, F., Magén, C., Boscherini, F., & Konstantatos, G. (2016). Aliovalent Doping in Colloidal Quantum Dots and Its Manifestation on Their Optical Properties: Surface Attachment versus Structural Incorporation. Chemistry of Materials, 28(15), 5384-5393.
[2] D’Acapito, F., Pelli-Cresi, J. S., Blanc, W., Benabdesselam, M., Mady, F., Gredin, P., & Mortier, M. (2016). The incorporation site of Er in nanosized CaF2. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 28(48), 485301.
[3] Pelli Cresi, J. S., Spadaro, M. C., D’Addato, S., Valeri, S., Amidani, L., Boscherini, F., Bertoni, G., Deiana, D., Luches, P. (2017). Contraction, cation oxidation state and size effects in cerium oxide nanoparticles. Nanotechnology, 28(49), 495702.
[4] Benedetti F., Amidani L., Pelli Cresi J. S., Boscherini F., Valeri S., D’Addato S., Nicolini V., Malavasi G., Luches P. (2018) The role of cerium oxide in bioactive glasses during catalytic dissociation of hydrogen peroxide. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20(36), 23507-23514.

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