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Giorgia Brancolini

CNR Researcher

tel. +39 059 2055333

fax +39 059 2055651

giorgia.brancolininano.cnr .it


Center CNR-NANO-S3, Institute of Nanoscience
via Campi 213/A-41125 Modena

Running projects

2016: G. Brancolini (S3 CNR-NANO) PI of SEED (GAE PUSEED04) "LOPE- DeveLopment of a Coarse Grained MOdel forNanoparticle-Protein IntEractions". (duration 1 year)
2013: G. Brancolini (S3 CNR-NANO) PI of the supercomputing project “Modeling the Interactions of Gold Nanoparticles with DNA for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” at ORNL, USA. CNMS2013-064. Allocated 1.000.000 CPU/hours (duration 2 years)

Research interests

Development of nanotechnological platforms for the In Silico Design of novel formulations and optimization of existing drugs. Prediction of the molecular basis of the protein–nanomaterials association processes, by simulations at multiple levels (Classical Molecular Dynamics and Brownian Dynamics) that cover multiple length- and timescales.

Mastering Molecular Dynamics (AMBER, GROMACS) and Docking (SDA) tools for the simulation of biological systems in complex environments. Developing Docking tools for large bimolecules as well as novel force fields (FF) parameters for classical simulations.

Biographical sketch

- Since Oct 2010: CNR Researcher at S3 CNR-NANO
- Oct 2007-Oct 2010: Post-doc at S3 CNR-NANO.
- Apr 2004-Oct 2007: Post-doc at ISOF-CNR.
- Feb 2002-Apr 2004: Post-doc at Politecnico di Milano.

Member of Editorial Boards:
09.2014-today: Member of the editorial board for Journal of SAME
01.2016-01.2017: Associate Editor for RSC Advances , Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Recent Teaching: Oct-Dec 2016,2015,2009,2008: Exercise classes on Physics A at Univ. of SMR, Dep. of Engineering.

Research Visits:
• June 2010: BSC to collab. with Prof. J. Luque
• Apr 2010: STM at HITS to collab. with Dr. R. Wade
• Sept 2009: STM at ORNL to collab. with Dr. M. Fuentes-Cabrera
• May 2009: DFG Research Stay to collab. with Prof. G. Cuniberti

Selected publications

1. Brancolini, G. et al. Citrate-stabilized gold nanoparticles hinder fibrillogenesis of a pathological variant of beta2-Microglobulin. Nanoscale (2017), 9, 3941.
2. Carrillo-Parramon, O., Brancolini, G., Corni, S. A Dynamical Coarse-Grained Model to disclose Allosteric control of Misfolding beta2-Microglobulin. RSC Advances (2016), 6, 93111
3. Brancolini, G.; Corazza, A.; Vuano, M.; Fogolari, F.; Mimmi, M. C.; Bellotti, V.; Stoppini, M.; Corni, S.; Esposito, G. Probing the Influence of Citrate-Capped Gold Nanoparticles on an Amyloidogenic Protein (2015) ACS Nano, vol. 9, pp 2600-2613
4. Fogolari,F.; Corazza, A.; Fortuna, S.; Soler, M. A.; VanSchouwen, B.; Brancolini, G.; Corni, S.; Melacini, G.; Esposito, G. Distance-based configurational entropy of proteins from molecular dynamics simulations (2015) PLOS ONE ISSN: 1089-7690
5. Brancolini, G.; Zanetti-Polzi, L.; Corni, S. Computational Strategies for Protein-Surface and Protein-Nanoparticle Interactions (2015) Journal of SAME doi: 10.13052/jsame2245-4551.211
6. Brancolini G, Toroz, D., Corni S (2014) Nanoscale, vol. 6, p. 7903-7911
7. Brancolini G, Migliore A, Corni S, Fuentes-Cabrera M, Luque F J, Di Felice R. (2013) ACS NANO, vol. 7, p. 9396-9406. ISSN: 1936-086X
8. Brancolini G, D. B. Kokh, L. Calzolai, R. C. Wade, S. Corni (2012). ACS NANO, vol. 6, p. 9863-9878, ISSN: 1936-0851
9. Pipolo, S, Benassi, E, Brancolini G, Valasek, M, Mayor, M, Corni, S (2012). THEORETICAL CHEMISTRY ACCOUNTS, vol. 131, ISSN: 1432-881X
10. Corni, S; Bellucci, L; Brancolini, G; Calzolari, A; Carrillo Parramon, O.; Di Felice, R. (2012) Proteins and peptides at gold surfaces: insights from atomistic simulations. Proteins at Interfaces III. ACS, American chemical society, Washington, DC, USA

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