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Fabio Taddei

CNR Researcher

tel. +39 050 509038

fax +39 050 563515

fabio.taddeinano.cnr .it


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Piazza dei Cavalieri, 7

Research interests

My research activity is within the theory of quantum transport in nanostructures and graphene. More specifically, I have been working on: spin-dependent transport in hybrid superconductor/ferromagnet systems; time-dependent transport: adiabatic pumping in hybrid and spintronic structures; detection of electronic entanglement in multi-terminal structures; spin-dependent non-equilibrium transport in hybrid superconductor/normal structures; heat transport and cooling; phase dynamics in superconducting circuits; transport in graphene nanoribbons; Majorana bound states in 1D nanowires; thermoelectricity in multi-terminal systems. More recently I have been working on quantum thermodynamics, thermoelectricity and thermal transport in single-electron systems, and on topological insulators.

Biographical sketch

* 15/7/2004 - today: scientist at NEST, NANO-CNR in Pisa (Italy).
* 1/9/2003 - 14/7/2004: postdoctoral position at NEST-INFM Research Center in Pisa (Italy) within the group of Prof. R. Fazio.
* 1/9/2000 - 31/8/2003: postdoctoral position within the European IST project, Superconducting Qubits: Quantum Computing with Josephson Junctions (SQUBIT), in collaboration with Prof. R. Fazio.
* September 1997 - August 2000: PhD in Physics at Lancaster University in the group of Prof. C. J. Lambert. Thesis: Spin-polarized transport in superconducting and ferromagnetic nanostructures.
* 31/5/1995: Laurea in Fisica at the University of Milano (Italy). Thesis: Theoretical analysis of the Pd/H system, 110/110 cum laude (supervisor Prof. G. Preparata).

Selected publications

Absorption refrigerators based on Coulomb-coupled single-electron systems
Paolo Andrea Erdman, Bibek Bhandari, Rosario Fazio, Jukka P. Pekola, Fabio Taddei, Phys. Rev. B 98, 045433 (2018).

Thermal drag in electronic conductors
Bibek Bhandari, Giuliano Chiriacò, Paolo A. Erdman, Rosario Fazio, Fabio Taddei, Phys. Rev. B 98, 035415 (2018).

Thermoelectric properties of an interacting quantum dot-based heat engine
Paolo Andrea Erdman, Francesco Mazza, Riccardo Bosisio, Giuliano Benenti, Rosario Fazio, Fabio Taddei, Rev. B 95, 245432 (2017).

Nonlocal topological valley transport at large valley Hall angles
Michael Beconcini, Fabio Taddei, Marco Polini, Phys. Rev. B 94, 121408 (2016).

Scaling approach to tight-binding transport in realistic graphene devices: the case of transverse magnetic focusing
M. Beconcini, S. Valentini, R. Krishna Kumar, G. H. Auton, A. K. Geim, L. A. Ponomarenko, M. Polini, F. Taddei, Phys. Rev. B 94, 115441 (2016).

Separation of heat and charge currents for boosted thermoelectric conversion
Francesco Mazza, Stefano Valentini, Riccardo Bosisio, Giuliano Benenti, Vittorio Giovannetti, Rosario Fazio, Fabio Taddei, Phys. Rev. B 91, 245435 (2015).

Andreev levels spectroscopy of topological three-terminal junctions
S. Valentini, R. Fazio, and F. Taddei, Phys. Rev. B 89, 014509 (2014).

Thermoelectric efficiency of three-terminal quantum thermal machines
F. Mazza, R. Bosisio, G. Benenti, V. Giovannetti, R. Fazio, F. Taddei, New J. Phys. 16, 085001 (2014).

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