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Luisa Neri

CNR Technologist

tel. +39 059 2055629

fax +39 059 2055651

luisa.nerinano.cnr .it


via Campi 213A
I-41125 Modena

Running projects

MaX materials at the Exascale
S3 Labs

Biographical sketch

1998: Degree in Foreign Languages at Università di Bologna
1993-1994: Erasmus Scholarship at University College Cork, Cork, Eire.

2009: "Come Va la Ricerca", CNR-PSC, Genova
2002: Cambridge Proficiency Certificate, Modena
1998-1999: Master in "Meeting organization and communication", Professional Data Gest (Bologna)

2003-today: CNR-NANO S3; scientific secretariat.
In the spotlight:
- project management in MaX materials at the Exascale and Intersect
- member of the HPC CoE Council at Focus CoE
- communication in Rimmel Project
- management system project leader in S3 Labs in Rete AT Emilia Romagna
- Cnr Nano contact person for Mind the Gap pilot project
- Cnr Nano contact person for Into the Future project
1998-2003: Expert System s.p.a.
1994 onwards; Free-lance translator and teacher of English.

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