Applicant Information for CNR-Nano (NNL)

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Lecce - 17.01.2013 - Applicant Information for CNR-Nano (NNL)

Cnr-Nano NNL center is going to make an investment in several research  posts, to drive forward important research activities in advanced photonics and optoelectronic devices.


The ideal candidates should hold a PhD or Msc. Degree in Physics, Chemistry, Material Science or Engineering.


The research appointments will be across  a wide range of fields, such as organic/inorganic synthesis, fabrication and devices testing, study of light-matter interaction in semiconductors.


For further details, including key duties, responsibilities, and contact details, please click on the following research areas:

Advanced Photonics

Organic Photonic Devices

Solar energy Conversion

Hybrid Multifunctional Materials

Material Characterization



These positions will be available starting from the early beginning of 2013, with highly competitive salaries, depending on qualifications and experience.


Applications must be sent by e-mail to:  BEFORE 31/01/2013.


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