Cnr Nano Scientific Report 2010-2012 is now available

Foto: Cover Image: V. Voliani @ NEST; Artwork: L. Covi


Pisa Lecce Modena - 11.10.2012 - Cnr Nano Scientific Report 2010-2012 is now available
To sum up its early two years of research activity, the Nanoscience Institute of Cnr issues its first Activity Report.

The first Activity Report of CnrNano offers an overview of its activities and facilities, as well as of its main achievements in the first two years of research activity. A short description of a selection of the most interesting and innovative research results is given in the Highlights section, followed by facts and figures on the Institute life. Special attention is paid to CnrNano Life: a time chart presents the events that the Institute organized for the scientific community and the general public, together with the awards received or other achievements, and is very effective to show the qualities of this young and lively Institute.

The report can be downloaded fronm the link below, but if you desire to receive a printed copy, please write to


Link ./upload/allegati/allegato/193.pdf


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