Anyons in quantum Hall interferometry

Foto: SEM image of an electronic Mach–Zehnder interferometer


Pisa - 21.09.2021 - Anyons in quantum Hall interferometry
The review article "Anyons in quantum Hall interferometry" has just been published on the journal Nature Reviews Physics. In the paper, written by our scientists Lucia Sorba, Stefan Heun and Luca Chirolli together with Matteo Carrega (Cnr-Spin), reserachers foucs their attention on anyons, emergent quasiparticles that are neither bosons nor fermions and possess fractional statistics. Their detection and manipulation represent key milestones in view of topologically protected quantum computation schemes.

The authors review the two main geometries of electronic interferometers developed in the Quantum Hall regime, the Mach–Zehnder and the Fabry–Pérot interferometers. They present interferometers basic working principles, fabrication methods and the main results obtained in both the integer and the fractional QH regimes. The article also discusses on how recent technological advances led to the direct experimental demonstration of fractional statistics for Laughlin quasiparticles in a Fabry–Pérot interferometric setup.



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