NANO COLLOQUIA 2020 NEST Seminar Vittorio Giovannetti  

Pisa Modena - 16.09.2021 - NANO COLLOQUIA 2020 NEST Seminar Vittorio Giovannetti

Date and Time: Semptember 16, 2021 - 11.00


Speaker: Vittorio Giovannetti

Title: Quantum Energy Lines and the optimal output ergotropy problem

We study the transferring of useful energy (work) along a transmission line that allows for partial preservation of quantum coherence. As a figure of merit we adopt the maximum values that ergotropy, total ergotropy, and non-equilibrium free-energy attain at the output of the line for an assigned input energy threshold. For Phase-Invariant Bosonic Gaussian Channels (BGCs) models, we show that coherent inputs are optimal. For (one-mode) not Phase-Invariant BGCs we solve the optimization problem under the extra restriction of Gaussian input signals.

Host: Fabio Taddei and Stefan Heun


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