Q-SORT Conference: Science and Applications of Coherent Electron Beam Manipulation  

Pisa Modena - 01.09.2021 - Q-SORT Conference: Science and Applications of Coherent Electron Beam Manipulation

The Science and Applications of coherent electron beam manipulation Conference will be held online between 01 and 03 September 2021.

It will address key concepts in advanced electron microscopy research, including electron coherence, electron phase control and holography, magnetic contributions to electron optical phase images, light-electron interactions, and phase plates for imaging and beam shaping.
The conference aims to stimulate new ideas and to facilitate networking and the fostering of a larger community of interested scientists.
It will take place online and will include round tables and discussions.
There will be three sessions:
1) Q-SORT & SMART-electron ; this session will cover topics such as electron beam shaping, its applications in spectroscopies, electron-light interactions, and time-resolved phase-coherent experiments.
2) 3D MAGiC; this session will address new ideas on the control and measurement of magnetic states using unconventional methods and advanced magnetic field control.
3) Holo workshop; this workshop will explore the more general field of holography, with an emphasis on new ideas for measuring fields, measuring coherence, reconstructing the electron phase, improving signal-to-noise using phase shifting and cumulative acquisition, as well as applications in material science and other phase-related techniques such as ptychography.

Participation is free of charge. Information about how to register (and receive the link for the participation) are available on the conference web page:

The conference is organised jointly by the Q-SORT, 3D MAGiC, SMART-electron, Holo Workshop, and MINEON projects, as well as by the Nanoscience Institute at CNR (CNR-NANO).


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