RAITH Micrograph Award 2021 – Special Edition  

Pisa - 19.07.2021 - RAITH Micrograph Award 2021 – Special Edition
Congratulations to Sedighe Salimian and Isha Verma for their honorable mentions at RAITH Micrograph Award 2021 – special edition, one of the most important award in the world on e-beam lithography!

Sedighe Salimian, CnrNANO-NEST young researcher won the Honorable Mention for her image ‘Charge carrier separation in InAs/InP/GaAsSb core-dualshell based multifunctional device’ (top image).

Isha Verma, Scuola Normale Superiore PhD student at NEST and collaborating with CnrNANO, won the Honorable Mention with two images called: 'High-Mobility Free-Standing InSb Nanoflags grown on InP Nanowire Stems for Quantum Devices' (middle image) and ‘Growth of InP nanowires via selective area epitaxy for single photon emission’ (bottom image).



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