#Scienzasulbalcone, a citizen science experiment with CnrNano  

Modena - 19.10.2020 - #Scienzasulbalcone, a citizen science experiment with CnrNano
On 19 October a new Cnr citizen science experiment starts: #Scienzasulbalcone will measure the noise that enters our homes from the outside, thanks to a smartphone application and the scientific content designed by Carlo Andrea Rozzi from Cnr-Nano.

After the first successful citizen science experiment on light pollution launched by the CNR - Public Relations and Communication Unit - during the lockdown last spring, the project #Scienzasulbalcone has now restarted. The details of the measurement will be explained on October 19 at 6 pm during a live broadcast on the Cnr Communication Unit website Comunicazione.cnr and its Facebook and Youtube social channels as well as the platforms made available by the National Geographic Festival of Sciences.

It will in fact be possible to detect the environmental noise that reaches our homes, to assess the noise pollution of cities. All the participants will use a special smartphone application - OpeNoise, developed by Arpa Piemonte - to collect data, which will be processed thanks to the experiment designed by Carlo Andrea Rozzi.

From Monday 19 October until 15 November the measurements can be made and sent anonymously by filling out a form on the project website

The project is developed by: Luca Perri, astrophysicist and scientific communicator, Luca Balletti, mathematician of the Communication and Public Relations Unit of the Cnr, Carlo Andrea Rozzi, researcher of the Istituto Nanoscienze (Cnr-Nano), Fabio Chiarello, researcher of the Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie (Cnr-Ifn) and Jacopo Fogola, responsible for Arpa Piemonte for the development of the OpeNoise application.



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