Carlo Andrea Rozzi and the mind traps  

Modena - 23.06.2020 - Carlo Andrea Rozzi and the mind traps
Tuesday, June 23 at 15.00, a new live broadcast of #TuttiInMusica entitled 'Mind traps- Game, music and science to go further', hosts among others our researcher Carlo Andrea Rozzi.

Our mind is constantly searching for known forms and patterns. We see it as we look at the sky and in the clouds, we feel like we recognize animals and faces. It is a winning strategy for dealing with the complexity of the world, which enables us to quickly identify dangers and benefits and intervene effectively, but sometimes makes us fall into a trap.
There are optical (and acoustic) illusions that can deceive our senses, and cognitive bias and preconceptions that can make learning, developing new ideas, rational choices, sociality difficult. That's to say, stop our personal growth or create serious social problems.

Once again game, science and music can be good allies to understand, face and overcome the traps of the mind.


Fabio Chiarello, physicist and researcher Cnr-Ifn, author of the games and scientific dissemination laboratories and the book "The Office of the Quantitative Mechanism". Organizer of the national "Photonics in play" competition.

Francesca Corrado, an economist, founder of the School of Failure and Play Res, author of the book "Failure is revolution."

Silvia Mattoni, a journalist and a science communicator. Head of the Communication and Public Relations Unit of the CNR.

Carlo Andrea Rozzi, researcher at the Nanosciences Institute of the CNR, violinist, a writer in the context of the Acoustics Musical founder of the website "".

Directed by Edward Bartolucci, Cnr Public Relations and Communications Unit



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