MaX Webinars on flagship codes  

Modena - 26.05.2020 - MaX Webinars on flagship codes

MaX is proud to announce the second MaX webinar focused on AiiDA : "Managing, simplifying and disseminating High-Throughput computational materials science with AiiDA, AiiDA lab, and the Materials Cloud Archive" planned for May 27, 2020 at 3pm.

You can find here all the relevant info and the registration form.

Please remember: this is the one seminar of a series presenting the most recent developments of the MaX flagship codes.

The next planned appointments are for Yambo (June 16) and CP2K (June 24). Stay tuned for the next announcements! More webinars will follow as well. All the info are available on the MaX website .


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