#TuttiInMusica with Carlo Andrea Rozzi  

Pisa Modena - 18.05.2020 - #TuttiInMusica with Carlo Andrea Rozzi
Tuesday 19 May at 5 pm, on Facebook and YouTube Cnr channels, the live broadcast #TuttiInMusica will be dedicated to "Scomposizione" (decomposition). The broadcast will host also CnrNano researcher Carlo Andrea Rozzi who will talk about sound, how to study it, "dismantle" "recombine" and "reassemble" it, and how these operations can have consequences even outside the purely scientific and technological scope.

#TuttiInMusica. Decompose to discover, compose to progress.
Science aims to understand known phenomena and discover new ones, giving life to new ideas and things. This also happens when it comes to sound, music and, why not, play.
Our knowledge passes through the "decomposition" of ideas and concepts into simple elements, these elements can then be reassembled in original ways to invent and build new things. In the live broadcast together with Fabio Chiarello, Armida Torreggiani, Spartaco Albertarelli, Marica Canino, Marco Giordano and Carlo Andrea Rozzi, the audience will discover how this way of proceeding, typical of science and technology, is fundamental also in music, games and teaching, and how it can indissolubly link these worlds.
Carlo Andrea Rozzi is a researcher of the Cnr Nanoscience Institute, he is a violinist and is active in popularisation in the field of musical acoustics. He is the founder of the site

Presented by Silvia Mattoni, Directed by Edward Bartolucci.
Organized by Unità Comunicazione e Relazioni con il Pubblico del Cnr

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