Great success for G M. Ratto  

Pisa - 27.04.2020 - Great success for G M. Ratto's online lessons, thanks to the Normale initiative
More than 1300 high-school students from all over Italy will have the chance to follow Gian Michele Ratto's free video lessons from today until June 5, as part of the "La Normale Va a Scuola" initiative.

Our researcher takes part in a solidarity initiative launched by the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa to support high schools and educational institutions in distance learning. Professors and researchers from the Scuola Normale and collaborating institutes, have agreed to offer free live lessons on the web on topics and insights of the school curriculum.

La Normale Va a Scuola exceeded all expectations: almost 3500 teachers have applied for their classes to follow one or more 'live' lessons from a rich menu that ranges from Italian literature to the theory of relativity, from the contemporary history of Italy to the functional organization of the brain. The wide range of scheduled topics involves 11 different subjects, 29 University professors and researchers with an output of almost 200 live lessons.

Gian Michele Ratto in the lessons entitled "Rendere visibile l'invisibile" (Making the invisible visible) e "Il codice segreto dell'autismo" (The secret code of autism) will speak of some mechanisms of the brain functioning and of the advanced techniques to study it. The lessons are starting today and, due to the high number of applications, will recur 27 times till June 5, and are expected to be attended by over thirteen hundred students. For those who won't be able to follow the lectures live, it will be possible later to apply to receive a link to the recorded lectures.



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