From the conservation of tapestries to "smart clothes"  

Pisa - 10.04.2020 - From the conservation of tapestries to "smart clothes"
In an article published in the latest issue of the Almanacco della Scienza, the fortnightly webzine of the Cnr, our Luana Persano talks about smart fabrics. The article talks about the restoration of textile products, such as tapestries ('arazzi'), which require a lot of time and transversal skills, from art history to chemistry, up to physics.
The characterization techniques of these materials are also connected with the most advanced research of the textiles of the future, such as those conducted by the Luana Persano research group, based on synthetic polymeric fibers functionalized at the micro and submicrometric level.
As an example of particular interes tPersano illustrates the piezoelectric fibers based on the co-polymer Pvdf-TrFe (polyvinylidene fluoride co-trifluoro ethylene), capable of generating an electrical voltage following mechanical stresses, and the possibility of producing electric current by body movements.



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