Graphene week 2019  

Modena - 23.09.2019 - Graphene week 2019
CNR Nano researchers are attending the Graphene Week, just started in Helsinki (Finland).

Graphene Week is Europe´s Leading Graphene Conference, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology and research on graphene from more than 200 experts related to industry and academia meeting to explore the hottest topics influencing the field (industry).

Elisa Molinari, Massimo Rontani and Valentina Tozzini are respectively chair and speakers of the session scheduled on September 24 from 14.30 "European HPC initiatives and 2D materials research: collaborating and funding opportunities".

With new funding initiatives available in the field of high-performance computing (HPC) and materials research — this Graphene Week 2019 workshop is not to be missed. Led by Elisa Molinari, the Director of the MaX Centre of Excellence and member of the EuroHPC Research and Advisory board, this session will explore the upcoming advances and potential challenges in 2D materials research enabled by HPC.

The session will explore several collaborating and funding opportunities available in this exciting area of research. This includes the potential support for collaboration with academia, industry and small to medium sized enterprises.

The session comes at a time when investments into supercomputing are high. In fact, EuroHPC is already pooling large investments to develop a world-class European supercomputing infrastructure. During the session, Molinari will illustrate why these initiatives should be of interest to the Graphene Flagship community and industry professionals.

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