S3 SEMINAR Myrta Gruning

Foto: Myrta Grüning [courtesy QUB Queen's University Belfast)


Modena - 10.09.2019 - S3 SEMINAR Myrta Gruning
Date and Time: Tuesday September 10, 2019 - 15.00
Venue: S3 Seminar Room, Third Floor, Physics Building, FIM Department

Speaker: Myrta Grüning
Queen's University Belfast

Title: Nonlinear optics from first-principles real-time approaches

Abstract: In the past decades, many-body approaches based on the GW approximation and the Bethe-Salpeter equation have become the state-of-the-art for calculating optical absorption in solids and nanostructures. In this talk, I’ll first present a real-time approach derived from the non-equilibrium Green’s function, that allows to extend the GW+BSE approach beyond the linear regime.[1,2] Using this approach, I’ll address the importance of many-body effects and in particular of excitonic effects for nonlinear optical properties.[3] For example, I’ll look at the case of single-layer monochalcogenide whose strong Second Harmonic Generation cannot be reproduced within the independent-particle approximation.[4] In the second part of the talk, I’ll then discuss the possibility of a real-time approach based on time-dependent density-functional theory, that can describe excitonic effects.[5]

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Host: Daniele Varasano


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