Two PhD positions on Nano Sciences in Modena  

Modena - 25.10.2011 - Two PhD positions on Nano Sciences in Modena
Two PhD projects are currently being offered in the School of Physics and Nano Sciences, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia:
1. Nanoscience: emerging materials and strategies for sustainable technologies
2. Oncologic Nano diagnostics – Molecular systems and photo responsive materials for nano-biotechnological applications (NanoBioLight) The projects will be carried out at the Department of Physics – CNR-Nano S3 in Modena Funding is provided by the local government under Spinner Program with the aim to intensify the collaboration between the PhD courses of the four Universities of Emilia Romagna - Modena, Parma, Ferrara, and Bologna - where other projects on the same research area have been also financed. Exchanges of competences between the four Universities, through joint activities, seminars, periodic meetings are expected. To apply download the call. Duration: 3 years Deadline: 27.10.2011




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