Cnr Nano Colloquia  

Pisa Modena - 11.01.2019 - Cnr Nano Colloquia
The 2019 Cnr Nano Colloquia schedule is almost ready.
Nest seminars are listed below, S3 's will be announced soon.
The former colloquia presentations are available here

17/01/19 Paolo A. Erdman | Optimal probabilistic work extraction beyond the free energy difference
21/02/19 Francesco Cardarelli | Capturing dynamic molecular processes in a trafficking organelle: the lysosome case
21/03/19 Gina Greco | Surface acoustic wave biosensors
18/04/19 Enrico Pracucci | Computation in the autistic brain
16/05/19 Filippo Fabbri | Nanoscale Optical Spectroscopy of Two-dimensional MoS2 Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition
20/06/19 Adam Szukalski | 3D printed structures vs. nonlinear spectroscopy

All seminars will be held at 11:00 am in Nest seminar room.




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