NEST SEMINAR - Jesper Nygård

Foto: Jesper Nygård [courtesy of University of Copenaghen]


Pisa - 12.12.2018 - NEST SEMINAR - Jesper Nygård
Date and Time: Wednesday December 12, 2018 - 11.00
Venue: NEST Seminar Room

Speaker: Jesper Nygård
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Title: Nanowire-based superconducting quantum devices

Abstract: Quantum wires equipped with superconducting electrodes is a versatile model system for hybrid devices and has recently attracting particular attention due to the prospects for topologically protected quantum qubits based on Majorana modes.
Progress in materials science has brought this research to a new level by introducing hybrids where high quality III-V semiconductors are interfaced epitaxially with superconducting thin films. We will survey recent developments in MBE grown hybrid materials as well as new experiments on superconductivity and bound states in nanowire double quantum dots.

Host: Lucia Sorba


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