DIAMANTE, a pancreatic cancer treatment project, just launched

Foto: Niccola Funel, Ranieri Bizzarri and Elisa Giovannetti from DIAMANTE research team


Pisa - 22.04.2016 - DIAMANTE, a pancreatic cancer treatment project, just launched
CnrNano is a partner of DIAMANTE, a molecular diagnostic project aimed at optimizing a personalized therapeutic choice pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, launched under the Regione Toscana "Fas Grant". The project involves five partners: the University of Pisa, the CnrNano institute, the Cnr Institute of Biomedical Technologies, the Center for Nanotechnology Innovation IIT @ NEST , and Scuola Normale Superiore , coordinated by Ugo Boggi, Professor of General Surgery at the University of Pisa. The activity of the multidisciplinary team of researchers aims to develop an innovative translational approach for the validation and functional analysis of molecular markers (proteins and microRNAs) with prognostic value.
The CnrNano group, led by Ranieri Bizzarri, will develop new luminescent probes in the near infrared region combined with innovative microscopy methods to allow high sensitivity/resolution visualization of tumor molecular markers in tissue samples. Within two years the project will develop and validate protocols for obtaining more and detailed information on specific molecular markers, with the aim of helping the selection of the most appropriate treatment based on the characteristics of each patient, including chemotherapy prior to surgery.



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