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The most advanced laboratory equipment for nano-fabrication and investigation of materials and devices at the nanoscale is available at the CnrNano centers, well-known for their strong tradition and expertise in experimental physics.


The laboratories in Pisa are characterized by several up-to-date facilities for device fabrication and advanced analysis (photo-I-V, C-V, spatially resolved optical analysis, FTIR, Raman, UHV-STM) in a broad range of experimental conditions (temperatures down to 10mK, magnetic fields up to 16T, laser sources from the ultra-violet to the far-infrared). Dilution fridges for magneto-optical studies at ultralow temperatures as well as CVD and CBE growth systems and low-temperature scanning probe facilities are also available.






Laboratories in Modena, in particular, focus on micro- and nano-fabrication. Among their main set-ups, we point out electron microscopies with ion/electron beam lithography (FIB-SEM dual beam), scanning probe microscopies operating in different environments, laser tweezers, instrumentation for electron spectroscopies and microscopies of surfaces, cryo-magnetic facilities for transport studies, a tribology facility for the measurements of friction properties from the nano- to the microscale, and a cluster for scientific computation





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