Pisa - 22.01.2015 - 19.12.2015 COLLOQUIA 2015 @ NEST
From January 2015, one researcher a month in Pisa NEST will present their work to colleagues, in a series of talk called "Colloquia 2015". The aim of these seminars is to make everyone aware of the research pursued by the young people that join NANO@NEST and possibly to trigger new collaborations among researchers.

22/1 Andrea Tomadin: Hydrodynamic flow in 2D electron liquids and electrical viscometers
19/2 Fabrizio Castellano: Development of on-chip components for THz quantum cascade lasers outcoupling and beam shaping
19/3 Daniela Parisi: Fluoride materials: growth, spectroscopy and laser experiments
23/4 Daniel Navarro Urrios: Cavity optomechanics: Activating coherent mechanical oscillations with radiation pressure
21/5 Alessandro Pitanti: Electromechanics with silicon nitride membranes
25/6 Silvia Landi: Inside a pathological brain by means of in vivo two-photon imaging and electrophysiology
17/6 Ilaria Tonazzini: Neural contact guidance along nanostructured surfaces
15/10 Elia Strambini: Geometric quenching of dynamical nonlocality in nanoscale quantum circuits
19/11 Michele Campisi: Nonequilibrium fluctuations in quantum heat engines: Theory, example, and possible solid state experiments
17/12 Dario Camiola: Hydrogen transport within graphene multilayers by means of coherent flexural phonons


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