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Via Arnesano

73100 Lecce, Italy

phone +39 0832 298239



The Euromediterranean Center for Nanomaterial Modelling and Technology (ECMT) is a research center located at the Scientific Campus of University of Salento (Lecce). The mission of ECMT is the development and application of experimental and theoretical methodologies to design and implement nano/bio-materials, nano/bio-electronic devices and systems, novel tools and concepts for nanomedicine . The main research activities include: polymer nanofibers and nanotechnologies based on soft materials, nano-biotechnologies for environment and health, and theoretical modelling of nanosystems using density functional theory. ECMT currently consists of about 25 people (including CNR scientists, University associates, post-docs and Ph.D. students) from a wide range of disciplines (physics, engineering, chemistry and biology).

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