Sergio D’Addato

Short Bio

Born in Pesaro (IT) 9/8/1960.
Academic Qualifications:
1985. Doctor in Physics, cum Laude, at the Univ. of Rome “La Sapienza”.
1991 Research Doctorate in Physics (Italy).
Work experience:
04/1987: Fellowship at the Fritz Haber Institut der MPG (Berlin, Germany), group of Dr. J. Haase.
01/1987: Research Doctorate Fellowship at Univ. of Rome, in the Surface Science group of Prof. S. Nannarone, performing experiments in Rome, Grenoble (LEPES-CNRS) and Daresbury (Synchrotron Radiation Source, SRS).
01/1991: Senior Experimental Officer at the Surface Science Research Centre (SSRC), the University of Liverpool, with experimental activity based at the SRS. I participated to the construction and the commissioning of two beamlines in the VUV and X-ray energy range.
09/1993: Lecturer at the Physics Dept., University of Modena. In 1998 I took a sabbatical leave and worked at the SRS, where I performed XAS experiments. I collaborated also to magnetic dichroism photoemission experiments on magnetic nanostructures.
04/2005: Associate professor at the University of Modena (courses for undergraduate engineering and physics students).
Co-author of 85 articles published in international journals.

Research Interests

a) Production and characterization of nanoparticles deposited on surfaces with a mass filtered gas aggregation cluster source.
b) Investigation of magnetic and plasmonic core@shell nano-particles.
c) Synchrotron radiation studies on ultra thin films and nano-structures.

Selected Recent Projects

Selected Publications