Riccardo Farchioni

Short Bio

I graduated in Physics at Pisa University on 1991 and I got a PhD at Physics Department “A. Volta”, Pavia University in 1994. I had post doc positions at the Physics Department, University of Pisa and at Istituto Nazionale Fisica della Materia. In 2001 I have been visiting scientist at the Central Michigan University. Since 2009 I am researcher at the National Enterprise for nanoScience and nanoTechnology (NEST) of the CNR-Istituito di Nanoscienze. I dedicated my research activity to electronic and transport properties of low dimensional systems (quantum wires and polymeric chains) and more recently to the dynamical properties of graphene sheets and of ionic liquids studied by means of recursive algorithms based on tight binding formalism and of classical molecular dynamics simulations. Since 2006 I am titular of the course Physics of the Materials for the Photonics, for the Laurea Degree in Physics at the University of Pisa.

Research Interests

In the ambit of the physics of the condensed matter and material science: transport in aperiodic and disordered low dimensional systems such as quantum wires in polymeric chains, studied by means of tight binding formalism and recursive techniques; dynamical properties of graphene sheets and ionic liquids, studied by means of classical molecular dynamics simulations.

Selected Recent Projects

MONolithic STRain Engineering platform for TWO-Dimensional materials (MONSTRE 2D)

Selected Publications

“Renormalization approach for transport and electronic properties of conducting polymers”, Farchioni, G. Grosso and G. Pastori Parravicini, Physical Review B 53, 4294 (1996).

“Transport properties of emeraldine salts: the nature of the metallic state ”, Farchioni, P. Vignolo and G. Grosso, Physical Review B 60, 15705 (1999).

"Recursive algorithms for Polymeric Chains", in "Organic Electronic Materials: Conjugated Polymers and Low Molecular Weight Organic Solids", Farchioni, G. Grosso and P. Vignolo, Springer Series in Materials Science, Vol. 41, R. Farchioni and G. Grosso Eds. (Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2001), pp. 89-12