Ilaria Tonazzini

Short Bio

2023- present: Senior Researcher at the Nanoscience Institute-CNR @ NEST (National Enterprise for nanoScience and nanoTechnology), Pisa (IT).

2019- 2022: Researcher at the Nanoscience Institute-CNR @ NEST, Pisa (IT). Responsible of the Cell and Tissue Culture facilities of the Institute.

2018- 2019: H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action Individual Fellowship @ Dept. Neuroscience, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam (NL), in the lab of Prof. Y. Elgersma.

2015- 2017: Post-doctoral Fellowship grants of Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, at Nanoscience Institute-CNR @ NEST, Pisa (IT).

2010- 2014: Post-doc position at Scuola Normale Superiore, Laboratorio NEST, Pisa (IT).

2011: European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Short-term fellowship @ Dept. Neuroscience, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam (NL).

2007- 2009: Post-doc position at Istituto per lo Studio dei Materiali Nanostrutturati (ISMN)-CNR, Bologna (IT).

2005- 2006: Marie Curie PhD fellowship at the Centre for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience (Prof. L.H. Bergersen and J. Storm Mathisen), University of Oslo (NO).

2005: PhD visiting student at the Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology (Prof. B. Fredholm), Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm (SE).

2004- 2007: PhD in Drugs' Science, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Pisa (IT).

1998- 2003: Specialistic (Master) Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (CTF), University of Pisa (IT).

Research Interests

My research interest focuses on the development of biocompatible nano/micro-structured materials to study and cure central & peripheral nervous system. My research activity aims to:
- study the interaction of neural cells with nano/micro-structured materials, for developing novel bioactive scaffolds and for exploring the basic mechanisms regulating the neural cell sensing of extracellular environment in patho-physiological conditions (e.g. neurodevelopmental disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, nerve regeneration).
- develop biocompatible nanovectors for non-invasive drug delivery to the brain (e.g. molecules, oligonucleotides, enzymes).

Selected Recent Projects

Development of nano/micro-engineered devices for applications in peripheral nervous system pathological models (ENGInerve) – Financed by Ministry of Research and University (MUR)- PRIN 2022.
Innovative brain-targeting nano-tools and imaging methods for therapeutic development in Angelman Syndrome (InnovAS) – financed by Angelman Syndrome Alliance- project call 2021.
Isolamento e caratterizzazione molecolare di esosomi neurali in modelli di disturbi del Neurosviluppo (END) (financed by Regione Toscana- Bando Assegni di ricerca anno 2021, and Fondazione Pisana per la Scienza)
Touch on a chip (TOAC) - financed by MUR, PRIN Bando 2020.