A successful Fosforene Day  

Pisa Lecce Modena - 21.07.2015 - A successful Fosforene Day

A successful Fosforene Day was held in Florence on July 17, 2015. The Workshop dedicated to Phosphorene, the novel material similar to graphene, brought together more than fifty physicists and chemists to discuss research and innovation opportunities related to the "youngest" among the two-dimensional Graphene's cousin materials. In the recent months Phosphorene has in fact drawn the international scientific community interest.

Despite the hot day, a strong participation has allowed researchers to review the Italian activities on Phosphorene and inspire new collaborations. As pointed out in the final remarks of the meeting by the organizers - Lucia Sorba from Nano-Cnr and Maurizio Peruzzini from ICCOM-Cnr - such a meeting shows that the Italian research community has advanced skills in this field and the ability to quickly meet the new scientific challenges arising. Speakers were researchers from several CNR institutes: IMM, NANO, ICCOM, SPIN, ISMN, ITM and ISM.




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