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2016 NANO SEED grantees

The Cnr Nano launched last September a SEED call, open to its young researchers in order to fund one-year innovative projects. 

Twelve proposals were submitted and reviewed by an international panel of scientists. The all of them were positevely evaluated and 4 were awarded with a grant. As from the call, the grantees are fixed-term researchers who already work in the Institute and will receive a budget to develop and independent research for one year. They will be in charge of the project both at a scientific and economi level.

The projects will be presented at the next Institute meeting.


 The whole process of the call, from the writing to the collection of results, was done within the Institute, thanks to the effort of E. Narducci, L. Neri, D. Pisignano, S. Roddaro, M. Rontani, and  L. Sorba.


The 2016 shortlist of NANO SEED recipients:


Alberto Ghirri

HybridSSQC- Hybrid single-spin quantum circuits: coupling nanowire quantum dots with microwave photons in a high-Tc

superconducting coplanar resonator

Francesca Telesio

SURPHOS - Surface properties of few layer blackphosphorus investigated by scanning tunnelling microscopy

Valentina Zannier

Core/shell nanowires for electronics and thermoelectrics

Giorgia Brancolini

LOPE- DeveLopment of a Coarse Grained MOdel forNanoparticle-Protein IntEractions

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