Colloquia 2016 @ Nano Pisa  

Pisa - 21.01.2016 - 15.12.2016 Colloquia 2016 @ Nano Pisa
The complete list of Colloquia 2016 in Nano Pisa is now available. Colloquia are talks held by Nano researchers in Pisa, and can be followed in other Nano sites as well. All colloquia take place at 11:00am in the NEST seminar room.

21/01 Francesco Rossella: Quantum transport in heterostructured nanowires
18/02 Sophie D'Ambrosio: Phase-engineering of Josephson interferometers based on proximity effect
17/03 Riccardo Parra: BEAtrix: a novel tool to reveal the genomic status of floxed genes with 100% accuracy
28/04 Federica Bianco: Graphene and THz radiation: optical interaction and detection
19/05 Barbara Storti: Novel imaging strategies of proteins in cells
16/06 Yuya Murata: Hydrogen Interaction with Graphene
15/09 Valentina Zannier Growth of heterostructured nanowires by chemical beam epitaxy
20/10 Leonardo Viti: Terahertz Detection in 1D and 2D Nano-Systems
17/11 Antonella Battisti: The phasor analysis applied to fluorescence lifetime imaging of environmental probes
15/12 Antonella De Pasquale: Cut-and-paste restoration of entanglement-breaking channels: quantum correlations transmission with noisy channels


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