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Sergio D'Addato

Associate Professor

tel. +39 059 2055254

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sergio.daddatounimore .it


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CNR-NANO and Dipartimento di Fisica
Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
via G. Campi 213/a, 41125 Modena

Running projects

PRIN 2016 NEWLI (participant) Funded by MIUR
FAR PROJECT 2016 "Innovative (oxide-based) materials and methods for fuel cell electrodes implementation." (participant) funded by UNIMORE

Research interests

a) Production and characterization of nanoparticles deposited on surfaces with a mass filtered gas aggregation cluster source.
b) Investigation of magnetic and plasmonic core@shell nano-particles.
c) Synchrotron radiation studies on ultra thin films and nano-structures.

Biographical sketch

Born in Pesaro (IT) 9/8/1960.
Academic Qualifications:
1985. Doctor in Physics, cum Laude, at the Univ. of Rome “La Sapienza”.
1991 Research Doctorate in Physics (Italy).
Work experience:
04/1987: Fellowship at the Fritz Haber Institut der MPG (Berlin, Germany), group of Dr. J. Haase.
01/1987: Research Doctorate Fellowship at Univ. of Rome, in the Surface Science group of Prof. S. Nannarone, performing experiments in Rome, Grenoble (LEPES-CNRS) and Daresbury (Synchrotron Radiation Source, SRS).
01/1991: Senior Experimental Officer at the Surface Science Research Centre (SSRC), the University of Liverpool, with experimental activity based at the SRS. I participated to the construction and the commissioning of two beamlines in the VUV and X-ray energy range.
09/1993: Lecturer at the Physics Dept., University of Modena. In 1998 I took a sabbatical leave and worked at the SRS, where I performed XAS experiments. I collaborated also to magnetic dichroism photoemission experiments on magnetic nanostructures.
04/2005: Associate professor at the University of Modena (courses for undergraduate engineering and physics students).
Co-author of 85 articles published in international journals.

Selected publications

P. Finetti, L. Ferrari, S. D’Addato, “STM and photoemission studies of self-organized Ag nanostructures on the N-modified Cu(001) surface”, Surface Science 677 (2018) 213.
S. D’Addato, M. C. Spadaro, “Low pressure bottom-up synthesis of metal@oxide and oxide nanoparticles: control of structure and functional properties” (Invited Comment) Physica Scripta 93 (2018) 033001.
A. Ponti, A. M. Ferretti, E. Capetti, M. C. Spadaro, G. Bertoni, V. Grillo, P. Luches, S. Valeri, S. D’Addato, “Steering the magnetic properties of Ni/NiO/CoO core-shell nanoparticle films: The role of core-shell interface versus interparticle interactions”, Phys. Rev. Materials 1 (2017) 036001.
Maria Chiara Spadaro, Paola Luches, Giovanni Bertoni, Vincenzo Grillo, Stuart Turner, Gustaaf Van Tendeloo, Sergio Valeri and S. D’Addato, “Influence of defect distribution on the reducibility of CeO2−x nanoparticles”, Nanotechnology 27 (2016) 425705.
M. C. Spadaro, S. D'Addato, P. Luches, S. Valeri, V. Grillo, E. Rotunno, M.A. Roldan, S. J. Pennycook, A. M. Ferretti, E. Capetti, A. Ponti, Tunability of exchange bias in Ni@NiO core-shell nanoparticles obtained by sequential layer deposition - Nanotechnology 26 (2015) 405704.
Sergio D’Addato , Daniele Pinotti, Maria Chiara Spadaro, Guido Paolicelli, Vincenzo Grillo, Sergio Valeri, Luca Pasquali, Luca Bergamini and Stefano Corni, “Influence of size, shape and core–shell interface on surface plasmon resonance in Ag and Ag@MgO nanoparticle films deposited on Si/SiOx”, Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 6 (2015) 404.
Valentina Nicolini, Elisa Gambuzzi, Gianluca Malavasi, Ledi Menabue, Maria ristina Menziani, Gigliola Lusvardi, Alfonso Pedone, Francesco Benedetti, Paola Luches, Sergio D’Addato and Sergio Valeri, “Evidence of Catalase Mimetic Activity in Ce3+/Ce4+ Doped Bioactive Glasses”, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119 (2015) 4009.
S. D’Addato, V. Grillo, A. di Bona, P. Luches, S. Frabboni, S. Valeri, P. Lupo, F. Casoli, F. Albertini, “Controlled co-deposition of FePt nanoparticles embedded in MgO: a detailed investigation of structure and electronic and magnetic properties”, Nanotechnology 24 (2013) 495703.
S. D'Addato , V. Grillo, S. Altieri, S. Frabboni, F. Rossi, and S. Valeri, “Assembly and Fine Analysis of Ni/MgO Core/Shell Nanoparticles”, J Phys Chem C 115 (2011) 14044.
S. D'Addato, V. Grillo, S. Altieri, R. Tondi, S. Valeri, and S. Frabboni , “Structure and stability of nickel-nickel oxide core-shell nanoparticles”, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23 (2011) 175003.
S. D'Addato, L. Gragnaniello, S. Valeri, A. Rota, A. di Bona, F. Spizzo, T. Panozaqi and S. F. Schifano, "Morphology and Magnetic properties of size-selected Ni nanoparticle films", Journal of Applied Physics 107 (2010) 104318.
P. Luches, S. D'Addato, S. Valeri, E. Groppo, C. Prestipino, C. Lamberti, F. Boscherini, Physical Review B 69 (2004) 045412.

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