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Sergio D'Addato

Associate Professor

tel. +39 059 2055254

fax +39 059 2055651

sergio.daddatounimore .it


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CNR-NANO and Dipartimento di Fisica
Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
via G. Campi 213/a, 41125 Modena

Research interests

a) Growth and characterisation of ultrathin metal oxides on Ag. I was part of a national collaboration scheme on this subject funded by the INFM. Some XAS experiment at the O K-edge performed in ELETTRA and at the SRS.
b) Growth of metal nanostructures on advanced functional substrates. We were funded by INFM for the development of a new instrument (named NANOMASK) for metal deposition through masks on substrates.
c) Production and characterization of nanoparticles deposited on surfaces with a mass filtered gas aggregation cluster source.

Biographical sketch

Born in Pesaro (IT) 9/8/1960.
Academic Qualifications:
1985. Doctor in Physics, cum Laude, at the Univ. of Rome “La Sapienza”.
1991 Research Doctorate in Physics (Italy).
Work experience:
04/1987: Fellowship at the Fritz Haber Institut der MPG (Berlin, Germany), group of Dr. J. Haase.
01/1987: Research Doctorate Fellowship at Univ. of Rome, in the Surface Science group of Prof. S. Nannarone, performing experiments in Rome, Grenoble (LEPES-CNRS) and Daresbury (Synchrotron Radiation Source, SRS).
01/1991: Senior Experimental Officer at the Surface Science Research Centre (SSRC), the University of Liverpool, with experimental activity based at the SRS. I participated to the construction and the commissioning of two beamlines in the VUV and X-ray energy range.
09/1993: Lecturer at the Physics Dept., University of Modena. In 1998 I took a sabbatical leave and worked at the SRS, where I performed XAS experiments. I collaborated also to magnetic dichroism photoemission experiments on magnetic nanostructures.
04/2005: Associate professor at the University of Modena (courses for undergraduate engineering and physics students).
Co-author of 70 articles published in international journals.

Selected publications

P. Luches, S. D'Addato, S. Valeri, E. Groppo, C. Prestipino, C. Lamberti, F. Boscherini, X-ray absorption study at the Mg and O K-edges of ultrathin MgO epilayers on Ag(001), Physical Review B 69 (2004) 045412.
E. Groppo, C. Prestipino, C. Lamberti, R. Carboni, F. Boscherini, P. Luches, S. Valeri and S. D’Addato, “O K-edge x-ray absorption study of ultrathin NiO epilayers deposited in situ on Ag(001)”, Physical Review B 70 (2004) 165406.
F. Allegretti, D.P. Woodruff, V.R. Dhanak, F. Bussolotti and S. D’Addato, “Self-assembly of an aromatic thiolate on Cu(100): The local adsorption site”, Surface Science 598 (2005) 253.
S. D’Addato, R. Gunnella, F. Borgatti, R. Felici, P. Finetti, “Atom geometry of nanostructured Fe films grown on c(2x2)-N/Cu(100) surface: An investigation by X-ray absorption spectroscopy with multishell analysis”, Surface Science 601 (2007) 329.
S. D'Addato, L. Gragnaniello, S. Valeri, A. Rota, A. di Bona, F. Spizzo, T. Panozaqi and S. F. Schifano, "Morphology and Magnetic properties of size-selected Ni nanoparticle films", Journal of Applied Physics 107 (2010) 104318.

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