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Dario Alejandro Leon Valido

PhD Student

tel. +39 059 2058120

darioalejandro.leonvalidounimore .it

Running projects

Study of Oxygen adsorption on Co(0001) and Co/Ir(111) surfaces, as part of my PhD project.

Research interests

I am a theoretical and computational physicist interested in the fields of Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Chemistry, Atomic and Molecular Physics and Biophysics.

Biographical sketch

I did my high school in the top vocational school in Cuba, where I participated in several Physics and Mathematics Olympics. I was selected to study the 12th grade at the University of Havana with a special preparation in Physics, as part of the Cuban Basic Sciences Project "12th grade at the University".
Then, in 2011, I enrolled the 5-years Laurea in Physics. As a 2nd year student, I had the opportunity to participate in the Atomic Physics project called “The anionic instability threshold of atoms”, directed by Prof. Dr. Augusto González ( Institute of Cybernetics, Mathematics and Physics (ICIMAF), Cuba). I was co-advised by Dr. Gabriel Gil (ICIMAF / CNR NANO S3) to develop a code to make exhaustive computations of the critical charge of atomic anions throughout the periodic table of elements. The work culminated in a paper, where all the results are summarized. Next, I took a detour from Atomic Physics to a more interdisciplinary field, the Biophysics of DNA mutations, a new interest of my advisor Prof. A. González. Our preliminary ideas and some changes in perspectives took me to culminate in 2016 my thesis on “Modeling mutations in bacteria and human tissues”. I was awarded with the Golden Diploma (summa cum laude graduation).
After graduating, I worked for one year in the ICIMAF as a young researcher under the supervision of Dr. Augusto González.
In 2017 I enrroled in the PhD programme in Physics and Nanosciences at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, witch is my current status. I am also affiliated with the CNR NANO S3 Centre. My work topic so far, involves computational simulations of surfaces and interfaces on carbon-based materials. My PhD supervisors are Dr. Elisa Molinari, Dr. Andrea Ferretti and Dr. Daniele Varsano.

Selected publications

[1] Dario A. Leon, Andrea Ferretti, Daniele Varsano, and Elisa Molinari, "Study of Oxygen adsorption on Co(0001) and Co/Ir(111) surfaces", (in preparation).

[2] D. León and A. González, "Modeling evolution in a Long Time Evolution Experiment with E. Coli", (eprint: arXiv:1804.02660v1 [q-bio.PE]), (2018)

[3] Dario León and Augusto González, "Mutations as Levy Flights", Mathematical Bioscience (MBS),(eprint: arXiv:1605.09697 [q-bio.PE], (2017)

[4] Dario A. León Valido, Gabriel Gil and Augusto González, "The anionic instability threshold in atoms", Rev. Cub. Fis., 33, 77, (2016)

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